EC – Working Test Results

Latest Results

  • 26 Mar 2022 – EC Open Qualifier

    Results for the Open Qualifying working test held at Woolney Hall, Creeeting St Mary on 26.3.2022 by kind permission of Terry and Jenny Prentice.

    Judges were Glynis Hillier, Keith Bedford and Phil Askew.

    1st – Maplegate Jackson, Jacqui Crew
    2nd – Birdsgreen Thembi, Brian Chesser
    3rd – Overthwarts Bilton, Keith Foster
    4th – Bellspaddle Hillbilly, Sharon Dingle
    CoM – Catcombe Cygnet, Lesley Cromton
  • 14 August 2021 – EC Special Puppy, Novice and Veteran Tests

    Results of the Special Puppy, Novice and Veteran gundog working tests held on the 14th August 2021 at Town House Farm Hadliegh by kind permission of Cliff and Julie Clackson and sponsored by Skinners and Dog and Field.

    Judges: Mr Roger Ketley, Mr Kevin Doughty, Mr Arthur Cook and Mr Doug Laflin

    Special Puppy
    1st Pinfeathers Excalibur, Cullum Raywood
    2nd Atikonak Bullrush, Anthony Peters
    3rd Snipe Sister, Paul Buckenham
    4th Little Plover, Julia Reed

    1st Windward Wagtail, Richard Blanch
    2nd Diglake Karusa of Rowansbourne, Alan Ward
    3rd Troaclis Tillie. Carol Ford
    4th Garrethall Toddy, Aaron Wright (Best Looking Dog in the Awards)

    1st Riverlily Angel of Sunshine, Abbie Reid
    2nd Surprise is Golden, Andy Ince
    3rd Garrethall Rebecca, Liz Ingram

  • 7 August 2021 – EC Open Sugar Beet Test

    held at Stoke by Nayland by kind permission of Mrs Emily Holden, on the 7th August 2021.

    1st – Jackie Smith – Labfords Oly of Woodertons (Best Marking Dog)
    2nd – Keith Foster – Overhwarts Bilton
    3rd – Alan Ward – Birdsgreen Moses of Rowansbourne
    4th – Sarah Bond – Tullysedge Crofters Gold
    CoM – Gwenda Weekes – Ben’s Radiance
    CoM – Julia Reed – Staverton Tarrogan
    CoM – Jim Crooks – Brindlebay Mika
    CoM – Lesley Crompton – Mitforton Nutmeg
    CoM – Sharon Dingle – Bellspaddle Jock

    Winner – Jackie Smith

    Thank you to our host Mrs Emily Holden, our judges, Glynis Hillier and  Andy Mutimer, and all our helpers, as well as Skinner’s Dog Food and Dog and Field for their sponsorship.