HBB – Field Trial Results

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  • 10/11 October 2022 – UGS Two Day 24 Dog Open Stake

    Held at Ampton Estate, Great Livermere

    The first day of the trial involved a damp start, a scorching sun, some difficult scenting conditions and impressive eyewipes from Laura Hill’s Ft Ch Stauntonvale Lemon Posset and Jon Halsted’s Buccleugh Bridgeknowes of Chatsworth. The 9 dogs left in the trial continued into day two.

    On day two the 9 remaining dogs melted down quickly to the 4 dogs in the awards. Credit was given to some good eye wipes in thick cover. Laura Hill’s Ft Ch did a fabulous retrieve that will stay long in our memories! And the dog work that Buccleugh Bridgeknowes of Chatsworth produced over the 2 days was absolutely fantastic.


    The Manymills Salver and President’s Trophy to
    The winner – Buccleugh Bridgeknowes of Chatsworth Handled by John Halsted

    Second – Brindlebay Mead Handled by Michael Tallamy

    Third – Ft Ch Mistigri Finn of Featherfly Handled by Phil Highfield

    Fourth – Ft Ch Stautonvale Lemon Posset Handled by Laura Hill

    Skinner’s Trophy to the Best Marking Dog
    Ft Ch Stauntonvale Lemon Posset Handled by Laura Hill

    UGS (K&ES) Shield for the Guns’ Choice
    Buccleugh Bridgeknowes of Chatsworth Handled by John Halsted

    Meadowville Cup for the Best-Looking Retriever in the Awards
    Brindlebay Mead Handled by Michael Tallamy

    The Berry Trophy for the Best Retrieve of the Day
    Ft Ch Stauntonvale Lemon Posset Handled by Laura Hill

    We are grateful to:
    Peter Rushbrook for allowing us to have a trial at the Ampton Estate, Allan Hammond for thoughtful management of the line. And I’m sure he’s grateful for Sue Stonebridge’s mentioning his fruit pastilles in her trial report! Our judges Phil Askew, Roger Ketley, Jo Rollinson and Julia Reed for being dedicated and fair. Our guns organised by John Keegan who all shot superbly. Thank you again for supporting our sport. Our sponsor Dale Watson from Sindermill Dog Food who came to watch the trial on the 2nd day. Our photographer Jordan Brooking. Our Game carriers: Craig, Arron, Alistair, Gill, Amanda and Jenny. Our judges steward: Tammy White. Our dog steward, red flag, first aider: Gill Davis.

  • 04 Jan 2022 – Novice Stake

    UGS Herts, Beds and Bucks held a novice trial on the 4th January 2022 at Ampton Shooting Estate.

    In Allan Hammond’s capable hands we were let through Fodder Raddish which kept the birds tight and brought them in a perfect position for the guns to shoot. The guns shot solemnly for the dogs and with challenging marks we took 9 dogs into the third round.

    Longer retrieves and an unfortunate 4 dog eye wipe by the judges left us with the award winning 3 dogs.

    Our gratitude goes to: the guns, the judges, Jim Gale, Phil Allen, Peter Fulcher and Jim Collins. Tammy White was judges-steward, Alistair Todd, Len Herbert and Chris Guest were the game carriers. Nicki Hunter was our picker upper!

    First: Lyebreach Golden Plover of Galicombe handled by Harriet Newcombe
    Winning the Jason Memorial Trophy and also Gun’s Choice

    Second: Ghostwood Cruiser @ saxthorpe handled by Karen Hurst
    winning the Geoff Hicks Memorial Trophy

    Third: Highroost Cedar handled by Roger Ketley
  • 25 Nov 2021 – HBB Novice Stake Results

    Landowners Phillip Smit and Jeffrey Pearman have been generous to the club for allowing us to have working tests. This year was the first for a field trial. Slightly apprehensive at the start, but both men loved the day!

    After dramatic and spectacular dog eye wipes, a judges eye wipe followed. It left Arthur being the last man standing and needing 3 retrieves to finish the trial. His dog chased a bird through thick cover and picked and then had 2 more retrieves in white grass.

    Our gratitude goes to our judges, Colin Pelham, Brian Chesser, Lee Hayman and Charlotte Wilkinson, to the guns, Ben Smith and his team, to the helpers, Phil Allen, Claire McLaughlin, Tamsin White, Steve Coxell, David Sworder, Jim Collins, the beaters who got the birds in the right place and of course Phillip Smith and Jeffrey Pearman!

    Certificate of Merit to Charmpark Fisher handled by Arthur Cook
    Gun’s Choice to Wadeshot Kriss of Tudorcourt handled by Phil Hopper