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  • 1 August 2021 – KES NDNH, Special Puppy and Veteran Test

    UGS KES held the ND/NH, PUPPY & VETERAN test on 1st August at beautiful Isenhurst by kind permission of the landowners, Mr Clive & Mrs Gilly Nickols.

    Huge thanks to our most wonderful judges, I’ve had lovely comments from so many competitors praising your advice and helping our newbies feel relaxed. They were Diana Harrison who came on board at very short notice, Mell Brooks, Jo Voke, Marianne Copp and 1st time trainee judge John Grace.  Also huge thanks to all helpers so many your first time helping, you were all great!

    1st Cristine Haggstrom with Garrenwell Tirol
    2nd Cynthia Thackwell with Lovatnoir Ouzel
    3rd Angela Bridgeman Keraroc Hathor
    4th Fay Drewry Isleofman Gretel
    COM David Terrell Higgscroft Seiko

    There was a tongue biting run off for
    1st Michael Crutchley Mitforton Teal
    2nd Beth Rayner Rookhollow Dahlia
    3rd Penny Morris Kynigos Lily
    4th Sarah Burnell Rossclyde Highland Mist at Rotherburn

    1st Jane Tydeman (handler) owner Gwen Butcher Hatchfield Larch at Broomwood
    2nd Bren van Laun Twitchett Nymph
  • 27 June 2021 – KES Novice and Puppy Test

    UGS KES held the novice and puppy test on 27 June 2021.

    Wounderful day! Challenging Tests! Thanks to Chris and Sue Ellis allowing us to use this fabulous ground. Huge thanks to the judges. Very challenging tests set.

    Judges: Louie Robertson, Jane Fenner, David Breech, James Bailey and Bill Gardiner.


    1st Sarah Hawkins, Nevilldown Jelly Bean
    2nd Sophie Taylor, Starspring Solo
    3rd Penny Heath, Fletchingly Tulla
    4th Jennifer Thomas, Gwidigada Ivy
    COM Jacqueline Mason, Lovatnoir Raven


    1st Mell Brooks Anningtonbay Enchilada
    2nd Mell Brooks, Anningtonbay Ellellicious

    Huge thanks to our lovely tossers and bangers, as we always say we really really couldn’t do this without you. Ian our lovely vice chair and Covid Officer. Huge thanks to behind the scenes Bren and Lesley. Thank you for lovely pics Charlotte Hammick.

  • 2018/06/17 – UGS Area Finals

    UGS Open Finals on Sunday 17th June 2018 at Pheasantry, Hurst Green by kind permission of Chris and Sue Ellis

    Judges: Helena Sully and Di Stevens

    Today was our turn to run the UGS Open Area Finals at the Pheasantry. Hurst Green.
    We ran the test on some super ground with special thanks to Chris & Sue Ellis who were the perfect hosts. The judges today were Helena Sully and Di Stevens who both did a great job choosing today’s winners.
    Thank you also to our fantastic team of helpers who came forward to throw and put out dummies, cook and help keep the day running smoothly.

    I might be a bit bias but a superb team win for Kent and East Sussex with fantastic scores. A lovely competitive atmosphere with a lot of friendly banter between the teams throughout the day. The awards were presented by Phil Askew who came along to support The Utility Gundog Society.

    Results: Kent and East Sussex Winning Team

    Marianne Copp with Pointhill Peregrine
    Sophie Mills with Turnerbrook Princess
    Verona Clatworthy with Wellrose Rayman
    Andy Parkin with Greenbriar Ruble of Beaconoak
    Top Dog
    The award for the top dog went to Wellrose Rayman
    Who scored 99 out of a possible 100 and made difficult tests look easy.
    Judges Choice
    Greenbriar Ruble of Beaconoak