Spaniels – Field Trial Results


  • 15 Dec 2021 – AV Spaniel Stake Results

    Brook Farm, Cuffley, Hertfordshire
    Open AV Spaniel (excluding Cocker) Stake
    Judges: Peter Avery & James Luxford

    Picture by Country Trail Images.

    1st – Laochin Ber – Aarron Brown
    2nd – Shiveck Primat – Terri Siwek
    3rd – Stickhouse Dorothy – Owen Russell
    4th – FTCh Shellspoon Time to Shine – Andy Faulkner
    Eborakon Arista – Owen Russell
    Meadowchase Martha of Gatekeeper – Clare Baker
    Edgegrove Tori – Sam Moon
  • 24 November 2021 – Open Cocker Spaniel Stake Results

    Judges: Andy Waterhouse & Alex Hayes

    1st Howeskyke Style of Tomlinswood (FT Ch Kiltonbeck Rollo X Howeskyke Lilly)– James Elliott
    2nd Strigidae Don’t Push It of Stauntonvale – Laura Hill
    3rd Llewgwyn Drysi – Ashley Jakubowski
    4th Heathcroft Ali of Pixiefen – Paul Seaman
    Misselchalke Green Mamba of Dolbrenin – Jeremy Davies
    Leeglen Shea of Byrwll – Dana Rees
    Centrewalk Painted Lady – Elizabeth Kennard

  • 2020/12/16 – 16 Dog Open Qualifying AV (Except Cocker) Spaniel Stake

    16 Dog Open Qualifying AV (Except Cocker) Spaniel Stake Wednesday 16th December 2020 at Brook Farm Shoot, Cuffley, Hertfordshire by kind permission of David Thomas

    Judges: Andy Waterhouse A3543, Alex Hayes B3748

    Event cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.