SWSH – Working Test Results

Latest Results

  • 18 July 2021 – SWSH NDNH, Special Puppy and Veteran Results

    The UGS Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire branch held their NDNH, Special Puppy and Veteran Working Test held on 18th July at Broad Oak Farm, Turners Hill bkpo Gill & John Dawson.

    Judges: Joy Venturi-Rose, Chris Rose, Keith Townsend & Angie Townsend.


    1st Sophie Mills with Turnerbrook Princess
    2nd Dee Betts with Bedgebrook Usha
    3rd Christine Baldwin with Tayfordwoods Dailuaine
    4th Bryony Hamilton with Brindlebrook Lily Miss
    COM Bryony Hamilton with Wellsummer Jack Frost

    Special Puppy

    1st Penny Morris with Kynigos Lily winner of the Sivright Engineering Trpphy
    2nd Kieran Green with Troddenmills Hot Bloodied
    3rd James Walsh with Rookhollow Devils Rib
    4th Vivienne Gatter with Larksease Black Bryon

    Novice Dog, Novice Handler

    1st Manfred Abrahams with Ringbarn Flint winner of the Devonway Cup
    2nd Angela Bridgeman with Kekoroc Hathor
    3rd Louise Harber with Jumbi Parker
    4th Natalie Roy with Troddenmills Incognito
    COM John Bryce Malcolmson with Dulcet Dora
    COM Jennie Knightt with Holmside Goose at Sunshimmer
    COM Lindsay Swan with Swantonwood Gold Leaf

  • 23 May 2021 – SWSH Open Qualifier & Intermediate Test Results

    UGS Surrey, West Sussex and Hamps Branch Open Qualifier& Intermediate WT held at Frithfold Farm, Northchapel by kind permission of Mr Peter Locke on 23.5.21.

    Judges: Robert Worrall, Kate Bollen, Louie Robertson

    1st Hilly Hoar with Mitforton Orchid at Kirbyhall awarded the Curtis Cup.
    2nd Sue Jordan with Tullysedge Incas Gold awarded the UGS Open Cup.
    3rd Jacqui Crew with Hanans Kertis
    4th Beth Morgan with Abney Affinity
    Sue Jordan with Tullysedge Incas Gold was also awarded the Tally Cup for the highest placed non-Lab in the awards.
    1st Penny Morris with Beetle of Buckmotts
    2nd Nicola Grainge with Barweston Nimbus
    3rd Jacqueline Mason-Sime with Lovatnoir Raven
    4th Karen Handley with Peterspond Squirrel
  • 2019/09/01 – Puppy & Novice Working Test

    Puppy & Novice Working Test on Sunday 1st September 2019 at Popes Oak, West Grindstead, W Sussex by kind permission of Mrs Sheila Chessell

    Judges: Chris Marshall, Wendy Harrison, Lindsay Warren & Beth Rayner

    Ian Hamilton our WT Secretary welcomed life member Ron Sills who gave out the awards. Ron’s contribution to the branch and to our sport in general is immense and we were delighted that he was well enough to be able to join us.

    Huge thanks to everyone who helped make the day a resounding success.

    Puppy Results

    1stThealefarm Puzzle
    awarded the Davis Salver
    Nick Morgan
    2ndReptonshot MitreSusan Hedge
    3rdLovatnoir RavenJacqueline Mason
    4thLovehayne DamsonMichelle Gibson
    CoMBerryshot FloydSimon Dawson

    Novice Results

    1stTauriel Lou
    awarded the Swallow Cup
    Shannon Mann
    2ndKirby StarLouise Cunningham
    3rdRiverlily Sunny SunshineHarriet Newcome
    4thIsle of Man GinVicki Ruston
    CoMOakvalley Black LaceMary Jennings