SWSH – Working Test Results

Latest Results

  • 4 Sept 2022 – SWSH Novice and Puppy Working Test

    Held on the 4th of September at Popes Oak, West Grinstead by kind permission of Mrs Sheila Chessell.

    Judges for the day were:
    Joy Venturi-Rose, Chris Rose, Beth Morgan, Jo Voke and Ben Starns.

    A good day was had by all at the last working test for the season. Many thanks as always to the judges, landowner and the band of helpers both on the day and behind the scenes, without whom all of this would not be possible.


    1 – Bryony Hamilton – Welige Lady Sybil of Wight
    2 – Hilly Hoar – Kirbyhall Beatrice
    3- Helen Vidotto – Muscatelle Mazurka
    4- Sue Convery – Highholts Kit Kat
    COM – Andrew Steggles – Troddenmills Fancy Free
    COM – Norman Weeks – Kentixen Daring Danburite


    1 – Carly Madgewick – Mitforton Up the Ante of Cadenzahill
    2- James Brindley – Easthoath Beatrix
    3- Peter Gander – Hardhamhouse Merlot
    4 – Peter Ashton – Laurinco Calypso Spark

    Photos of the day

  • 24 July 2022 – SWSH NDNH and Special Puppy

    NDNH Result

    1st Hayley Mack with Deringcote Barn Owl
    2nd Samantha Taylor with Hurleyhall Cluley
    3rd Henny Brown with Mitforton Muir
    4th Sam Davis with Wildspirit Nilla
    CoM Debbie CUllen with Bobwalden Lilan
    CoM John Malcomson with Dulcet Dora

    Special Puppy Result

    1st Bryony Hamilton with Welige Lady Sybil of Wight
    2nd James Brindley with Easthoath Beatrix
    3rd Elizabeth Barnes with Griffin Via Deerbridge
    4th Hilly Hoar with Kirbyhall Tegan
    CoM Tom Walsh with Woodruff Into The Night

  • 18 July 2021 – SWSH NDNH, Special Puppy and Veteran Results

    The UGS Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire branch held their NDNH, Special Puppy and Veteran Working Test held on 18th July at Broad Oak Farm, Turners Hill bkpo Gill & John Dawson.

    Judges: Joy Venturi-Rose, Chris Rose, Keith Townsend & Angie Townsend.


    1st Sophie Mills with Turnerbrook Princess
    2nd Dee Betts with Bedgebrook Usha
    3rd Christine Baldwin with Tayfordwoods Dailuaine
    4th Bryony Hamilton with Brindlebrook Lily Miss
    COM Bryony Hamilton with Wellsummer Jack Frost

    Special Puppy

    1st Penny Morris with Kynigos Lily winner of the Sivright Engineering Trpphy
    2nd Kieran Green with Troddenmills Hot Bloodied
    3rd James Walsh with Rookhollow Devils Rib
    4th Vivienne Gatter with Larksease Black Bryon

    Novice Dog, Novice Handler

    1st Manfred Abrahams with Ringbarn Flint winner of the Devonway Cup
    2nd Angela Bridgeman with Kekoroc Hathor
    3rd Louise Harber with Jumbi Parker
    4th Natalie Roy with Troddenmills Incognito
    COM John Bryce Malcolmson with Dulcet Dora
    COM Jennie Knightt with Holmside Goose at Sunshimmer
    COM Lindsay Swan with Swantonwood Gold Leaf