SWSH – Field Trial Results

Latest Results

  • 2019/11/21 – 16 Dog All Age Stake for AV Retrievers

    16 Dog All Age Stake for AV Retrievers on Thursday 21st November 2019 at Castle Goring, Nr Worthing, West Sussex by kind permission Clem Somerset

    Judges: Mr Roger Wade (A1704) Mr Graham Stanley (B1920) Mrs Julia Smith (NP3634) Mr Kelvin Nettleingham (NP2993)

    Trophies: The Gregson Challenge Cup for the Winner
    The Ohlenschlager Perpetual Challenge Cup for Second Place
    The Charrinton Cup for best novice handler in awards
    The Lochmoy Perpetual Challenge Bowl for best novice (excluding the winner) Owner/handler resident in branch
    The Simpson Perpetual Challenge Cup for best dog/bitch owned by gamekeeper or professional handler
    The Nookshot Trophy for best looking dog/bitch in awards
    The Somerset Trophy for Guns Choice


    1stTicefield Dazed N’Confused
    Reuben Corbett
    2ndNorthglen Crumble
    Stewart North
    3rdAbney AffinityBeth Rayner
    4thBerryshot WigeonJason Mayhew
    CoMTexacali Praline of MeonvalleyJane Trowell
    CoMJanfran MakarovaSarah Miles
  • 2019/10/16 – 14 Dog Novice Stake for AV Retrievers

    14 Dog Novice Stake for AV Retrievers on Wednesday 16th October 2019 at Firle Estate, Nr Lewes, East Sussex by kind invitation of Mr Michael Rees and Mr John Coldman OBE

    Judges: Mrs Diana Harrison (A1870) Mr Michael Brown (B2420) Mr Martin Bagg (NP3233) Ms Kate Bollen (NP)

    Trophies: Winner – The Theale Challenge Trophy, Second – Hobhearn Challenge Cup, Gun’s Choice – The Selby Memorial Cup


    1stTexacali Praline of MeonvalleySarah Miles
    2nd and Guns’ ChoiceRoundcopse FloraJames Brindley
    3rdAbney AffinityBeth Rayner
    CoMHighroost MaverickMick Higgs