2016/08/29 – Novice and Open AV Spaniel Working Test

at Loose Hall Farms, Hitcham, Stowmarket
by kind permission of Mr Kevin Easey
Judges: Peter Avery, Andy Waterhouse

The Club held a Novice and Open Working Test in Sugar Beet at Loose Hall Farm, Hitcham by kind permission of Kevin Easey. The Judges for the day were Peter Avery and Andy Waterhouse.

After a very hot couple of months I was very worried that it would be far too hot for Spaniels, fortunately it was a cloudy, breezy day with acouple of sharp rain showers in the afternoon. The scent was good, helped by large coveys of Partridge and several Hares!

The Beet was a good size and the judges were able to see the dogs working, the novice had a mark in front and a blind behind but in the Open there were two marks thrown one after another with the dogs having to cross the line to pick the other side’s dummy, this sorted the dogs out as some found it very difficult.

Thanks to Sporting Saint and Kronch for their sponsorship and to my merry band of helpers, the Judges and the Landowner.

Novice Results

1stNossewej Lets Go BonkersCaroline Watts
2ndDeepfleet Decius of AbbeyoaksWendy Knight
3rdNossewej Bonkers BobTracey Jewesson-Newman
4thDeepfleet BenzemaOwen Russell
CoMDeepfleet DaubentonAnita Johnson
CoMTimsgarry Red GrouseBrenda Atkins

Open Results

1stDeepfleet DepelloRay Clark
2ndMusspring a Leaky BoySue Musselwhite
3rdJulzcrackers FlintJulie Cracknell
CoMJulzcrackers PintailAndy Lack

2016/04/24 – Novice and Open AV Spaniel Working Test

at Cavenham/Lackford Estates
by kind permission of Robert Gough and Wayne Alford
Judges: Mark Watson, John Keegan

We held our Working Test again on this lovely Spaniel ground by kind permission of Robert Gough and Wayne Alford. Our Judges for the day were Mark Watson and John Keegan.
Everyone was exceptional spirits despite the fact that it was a very cold day, the helpers, stewards and dummy throwers doing a wonderful job (except the one dummy that ended up in a tree!). Entries were a little down on last year but the standard was higher with some very nice Spaniels in both the Novice and the Open. The Waterhouse family swept the board in the Open, but it was Karen Hill with a first win that was most delighted.

Novice Results

1stJulzcrackers MerlinnKaren Hill
2ndTeryngarwch TullyVictoria Gross
3rdHarpole RosieJohn Agg
CoMLeawood BluebellJames Scobbie
CoMCedarose OspreyDavid Lloyd

Open Results

1stWillowsaul JokerAndy Waterhouse
2ndSpiritdawn MysticAndy Waterhouse
3rdWarriors ChoiceNatice Waterhouse
CoMMusspring a Leaky BoySue Musselwhite
CoMJulzcrackers PintailAndy Lack

2015/08/30 – Novice & Open Working Tests for AV Spaniels

at Loose Hall Fars, Combs, Stowmarket by kind permission of Mr Kevin Easey
Judges: Rod Chapple and David Gosling

The Beet was tall which made the retrieving especially testing, but the weather was perfect, much cooler than of late with no rain! With a good field of sixteen in the Novice and nine in the open there was good atmosphere and much banter in the gallery. The Judges made the blind retrieve testing in both the Novice and the Open which sorted the dogs out with no need for a run off in either class.

Novice Results

1stJulzcrackers PintailAndy Lack
2ndMusspring a Leaky BoySue Musselwhite
3rdHelmsway Happy TimesRobin Laud
(Owner: Ivan Bannister)
4thDeepfleet DepelloRay Clark

Open Results

1stDeepfleet DiamondRay Clark
2ndJulzcrackers FlintJulie Cracknell
3rdMargravine LiselleJulia Reed

2015/04/26 – Novice & Open Working Tests for AV Spaniels

at Cavenham, Suffolk
by kind permission of Mr Robert Gough and Mr Wayne Alford

Judges: Julie Cracknell and Dr Lesley Young

The forecast earlier in the week didn’t look good, fortunately it changed and the rain stopped at 8am giving us a cool, cloudy day, perfect for Spaniels. The ground here is great for Spaniels, a bracken bottomed wood.
Both Tests were marked as a Field Trial, which meant that the Judges could give advice to Handlers if the dog was put ‘out’. This proved very useful to a few competitors that are very new to the sport, they went away with some helpful tips.
We had fifteen dogs running in the Novice, with some very nice dogs amongst them. It was lovely to see some trialers at the Test, there was also some good advice from the gallery. There was a clear winner with no run off required.
Fourteen dogs competed in the Open, again there were some really nice dogs. A run off for first place between ‘Margravine Liselle’ and ‘Rosebay Kanute’ was required with ‘Rosebay Kanute’ taking first place.

Novice Result

1stWrenmarsh TycoonMark Watson
2ndStourmere Spring TealMark Stephens
3rdRosebay KanuteLee Love
4thDeepfleet Decius of AbbeyoaksWendy Knight

Open Result

1stRosebay KanuteLee Love
2ndMargravine LiselleJulia Reed
3rdBorowood SoxRichard Bunyan
4thQuarrymoor CurlewNicky Gudgin
CoMDelalodge AndromedaWendy Knight
CoMWrenmarsh TycoonMark Watson