24 January 2023 – UGS Novice AV Spaniel Stake

The UGS held our final trial of the season the Novice AV Spaniel trial at Shotesham Park, Norfolk by the very kind permission of the Bailey family. Our judges for the day were Alan Hopkins-Young and Marion Emery.  Head keeper Mark Watson run the line superbly with his team of helpers and made sure we were into game all day. The winning dog ran an outstanding trial, finishing by taking an exceptional running Pheasant on its second run.

The results are:-

(L to R: Peter Avery, Ray Clarke, Mark Reader, Debbie Robertson, Marion Emery (judge), Paul Seaman & Alan Hopkins Young.)

1st Pixiefen Penny, handled by Paul Seaman
2nd Athena Ivy, handled by Debbie Robertson
3rd Purlodge Hot Love Holly, handled by Ray Clark
4th Deepfleet Jagger, handled by Peter Avery.
CoM’s to :
Shallowoak West Frazier, handled by Mike Reader
Cudannsa Taransay, Handled by Daniel Plumb
Skronedale Yew of Dudalen, handled by Mark Page.

3 January 2023 – UGS Open AV Spaniel (ex Cocker) Stake

The UGS held our Open AV Spaniel (except Cocker) trial at Shotesham Park, Norfolk by the very kind permission of the Bailey family. Our judges for the day were Gerry Meehan and Steve Lewis. Head keeper Mark Watson run the line superbly with his team of helpers and made sure we were into game all day.  

After a two dog run off for first place the awards were:-

(L to R:  Peter Avery, Aubrey Ladyman, Steve Lewis (judge), Harry Martin & Gerry Meehan (judge))

1st: Rosebay Meadow, handed by Aubrey Ladyman.
2nd: Deepfleet Yoko, handled by Peter Avery
3rd: Moonreed Ugly Terri, handled by Harry Martin
4th: Deepfleet Malin, handed by Peter Avery.
CoM: Skronedale Grappelli of Dudalen, handed by Mark Page

A special congratulation goes to Peter Avery with his young dog who gained 2nd in its first ever trial. Peter stepped in to run the youngster after a competitor failed to show that morning.

10/11 October 2022 – UGS Two Day 24 Dog Open Stake

Held at Ampton Estate, Great Livermere

The first day of the trial involved a damp start, a scorching sun, some difficult scenting conditions and impressive eyewipes from Laura Hill’s Ft Ch Stauntonvale Lemon Posset and Jon Halsted’s Buccleugh Bridgeknowes of Chatsworth. The 9 dogs left in the trial continued into day two.

On day two the 9 remaining dogs melted down quickly to the 4 dogs in the awards. Credit was given to some good eye wipes in thick cover. Laura Hill’s Ft Ch did a fabulous retrieve that will stay long in our memories! And the dog work that Buccleugh Bridgeknowes of Chatsworth produced over the 2 days was absolutely fantastic.


The Manymills Salver and President’s Trophy to
The winner – Buccleugh Bridgeknowes of Chatsworth Handled by John Halsted

Second – Brindlebay Mead Handled by Michael Tallamy

Third – Ft Ch Mistigri Finn of Featherfly Handled by Phil Highfield

Fourth – Ft Ch Stautonvale Lemon Posset Handled by Laura Hill

Skinner’s Trophy to the Best Marking Dog
Ft Ch Stauntonvale Lemon Posset Handled by Laura Hill

UGS (K&ES) Shield for the Guns’ Choice
Buccleugh Bridgeknowes of Chatsworth Handled by John Halsted

Meadowville Cup for the Best-Looking Retriever in the Awards
Brindlebay Mead Handled by Michael Tallamy

The Berry Trophy for the Best Retrieve of the Day
Ft Ch Stauntonvale Lemon Posset Handled by Laura Hill

We are grateful to:
Peter Rushbrook for allowing us to have a trial at the Ampton Estate, Allan Hammond for thoughtful management of the line. And I’m sure he’s grateful for Sue Stonebridge’s mentioning his fruit pastilles in her trial report! Our judges Phil Askew, Roger Ketley, Jo Rollinson and Julia Reed for being dedicated and fair. Our guns organised by John Keegan who all shot superbly. Thank you again for supporting our sport. Our sponsor Dale Watson from Sindermill Dog Food who came to watch the trial on the 2nd day. Our photographer Jordan Brooking. Our Game carriers: Craig, Arron, Alistair, Gill, Amanda and Jenny. Our judges steward: Tammy White. Our dog steward, red flag, first aider: Gill Davis.

10 April 2022 – HBB Special Puppy, Novice Test

UGS HBB held a Novice and Special Puppy Working Test on Sunday 10th April at Easneye Estate, Ware by kind permission of The Buxton Family.

Judges: Rodger Ketley, Mark Polley, Sue Berman and Charlotte Wilkinson.

We were very kindly sponsored by Skinner’s Field and Trial and Sporting Saint. A big thank you to the landowner, judges and helpers for all your hard work and for a great day.

Special Puppy
1st place – Jessica Webster with Lucky Billy Boy
2nd place – Jane Trowell with Ingdalehowel Himalayan Musk Of Janfran
3rd place – Roy Jarman with Winners Avenue
1st place – Tammy White with Birdsgreen Lyric
2nd place – Gill Davies with Fleetbelmont Calla Lilly
3rd place – Andy Ince with Naughtland Popcorn
4th place – Jacqui Crew with Casblaidd Chizel
COM – Fay Drewry with Think Twice One Shot

EC – Judges Training Weekend

In memory of Peter Johnson, who left us a legacy, the UGS Eastern Counties branch are running a judging weekend on the 20th and 21st August.

The Saturday will be a practical day “in the field” at Hintlesham by kind permission of Kevin Doughty and will be a “scenario” based day giving “trainees” the chance to experience “sending”, “decision making” and “assessing” a number of usual and unusual situations that may occur when judging.

The day is aimed primarily at non panel judges (but panel judges will be welcome to attend), especially those about to start their judging career. This day will be overseen by seven experienced A panel “educator” judges, Kevin Doughty, Steve Polley, Phil Askew, Sara Gadd, Mike Tallamy, Rodger Ketley and Phil Highfield.

The Sunday will be a presentation and examination of the J Regs by Kevin Doughty and will be held at Woolpit Village Hall at a cost of £30. Applicants can choose to do one or the other or both. There will be spaces for 36 trainee judges on the practical day at a reduced cost of £20. Current members of Eastern Counties Branch will have preference.

We will also need 16 dogs and handlers of a good standard (at least open WT award winners) that are able to “hunt” their dogs in a specified area. Dogs\Handlers will be free of charge but will be able to listen in on the discussions but without input.

Please contact me, by email on julia.nigel@btinternet.com if you are interested. Help on the day would be appreciated especially if you’re a good dummy thrower!!