EC – From the Chairman

I am sure the last year has proved difficult and testing for all.

We aim to run a full program of events this summer. Our activities will be subject to any Government and/or KC restrictions in place at the time.

You will be meeting up face to face with many friends after some time. Please respect social distancing and hand sanitising requirements along with any other safety protocols we may put in place to ensure safety. Although the situation appears to be improving we must continue to behave with caution and show due regard to the safety of all attending the events.

I draw your attention to our Novice Sugar Beet test on 24th July. All the proceeds from the test are to be donated to charities that were close to Kevin Easey and Ivor Reynolds. Both made significant contributions to our sport, which is poorer for their passing. They will be sadly missed.

Stay safe.

Phil Askew

General Covid-19 Statement

The individual branched continue to monitor the government and Kennel Club advice, and in some instances will continue to hold winter events in line with current guidelines and rules. Please contact your branch for more information. You can find the Kennel Club statement on the subject here.

2020/10/09 – 12 Dog Open Stake for AV retrievers

12 Dog Open Stake for AV retrievers on the 9th October 2020 at Great Livermere by kind invertation of Mr. Peter Rushbrook.

Judges: Mr K Doughty (A32) Mr R Beckerleg (A2812) Mr M Tallamy (A1925) Mr G Stanley (B1920)

Trophies: The Presidents Trophy for the Stake Winner, The Berry Trophy for the Best Retrieve

Sponsored by Skinners Pet Foods


1stMEADOWLARK BIG ROCKD.Friedkin, handled by D.Latham