2017/10/02,03 – Two Day AV Retriever Open Qualifying 24 Dog Stake

Two Day AV Retriever Open Qualifying 24 Dog Stake on the 2nd and 3rd October 2017 at Livermere Hall, Great Livermere, Suffolk by kind permission of Mr Peter Rushbrook

Judges: Roy Tomlinson A1926, Phil Askew A2195, Tom Lowe B3187, Jenny Hankey B2273

Trophies: The Manymills Salver and President’s Trophy for the Winner
Skinners Trophy for the Best Marking Retriever
UGS (K & E Sussex) Shield for Guns’ Choice
Meadowville Cup for the Best Looking Retriever in the Awards
Hoopwick Trophy for the Dog taking the Best Runner
The Berry Trophy for the Best Retrieve of the Day


1stFTCH Artistryn UlrichDavid Field
2ndThe Windbreak Whisper of ArcklebearClare Baker
Best MarkingFTCH Hitowngreen Diamond Joe of FindpointTerry Prentice

2017/06/18 – UGS Area Finals

UGS Finals on Sunday 18th June, 2017 at Woodhall Park Watton on Stone Hertfordshire

Judges: Henrik Vildenval, Matt Ager

1stEastern CountiesKeith Bedford, Alan Ward, Sara Gadd, Jenny Hankey
2ndHerts, Beds and BucksMike Rollinson, Lesley Crompton, Helen Burnie, Andrew Wright
3rdKent and East SussexBarry Harvey, Lisa Bull, Marianne Copp, Tracey Flood
4thSurrey, West Sussex and HampsGay Marshall, Christine Baldwin, Beth Rayner, Janet Marshall
Top Dog
Overthwarts BerwickAndrew Wright

2017/01/21 – UGS All Age Finals

UGS All Age Finals 2016 on the 21st January 2017 at Hatfield, Herts by kind permission of the Camfield Estate Company

Judges: Jim Gale, Sue Hatton, Tom Lowe, Paul Truby

1stHitowngreen EbonyMrs. V. Easey
2ndLockthorn Zorro of HighseasMr. K. Doughty
3rdHatchfield LyonMrs. D Harrison
4thWoodlandway QuailMrs. B. Rayner
CoMTayfordwoods Rosebank or AnningtonbayMs. M Brooks
CoMLendown Gorse of WadeshotMr. R Wade
CoMBellaroyal Dream of Glory of EchobrookMr. R Taylor

2015/12/15 – All Aged Field Trial Finals

All Aged Field Trial Finals on the 15th December 2015 at the Ampton Estate, Suffolk by kind permission of Mr Peter Rushbrook

Judges: Terry Prentice, Phil Askew, Roger Wade and Tom Lowe


2ndAutumn Willow Beacon of OysterbedGary Vidler
CoMFTCh Lamlodge MatadorKeith Broomfield
CoMWoodlandway QuailBeth Rayner

2015/10/01,02 – 24 Dog 2 Day Open Qualifying Stake for AV Retrievers

24 Dog 2 Day Open Qualifying Stake for AV Retrievers on the 1st and 2nd October 2015 at Bishops Dale Shoot, Tenterden, Kent by kind permission of Mr Steve King

Judges: Mark Bettinson (A1836), Jamie Bettinson (A2893), Roger Wade (B1704) and Mark Polley (B3220)


1stFTCH Maldrake LiviePhil Parkins
2ndBynbrig Blackthorn of HighshotBasil Smith
3rdOakvalley BlackshotReuben Corbett
4thLamlodge MatadorMell Brooks
CoMTagabea DanterSteve Cullis
CoMFendawood AleStefanie Latham

2015/06/27 – UGS Area Finals

UGS Inter Branch Working Test Final on the 27th June 2015 at Butcherlands, Balls Cross, near Petworth, West Sussex by kind permission of Ivan Wadey

Judges: Dave England, Ken Green, David Breach and Sue Searle


1stHBBKen Byron with Ardexis Tom of Copperwheat
Jim Collins with Brockaghs Cathal
Mark Polley with Faircotelabs Moss
Andy Wiles with Hatchfield Loki of Lostal
2ndS,WS&HMick Higgs with Gold Silver Ann of Higgscroft
Gay Marshall with Sandicliffe Frankie of Theale Farm
Beth Rayner with Woodlandway Quail
Nikki Stranks with Woodlandway Skylark
3rdK&ESChristine Baldwin with Tayfordwoods Dailuaine
(Winner of The Tilly Trophy awarded to the “Dog the judges would most like to take home”)
James Barwell with Tawnyway Black Jack
Tracy Flood with Brockweir Barley
Karen Wiles with Shadybugs Desert Knight of Lostal
4thECBrian Chesser with Gunnerheath Amethyst
Liz Ingram with Garrethall Myrhh
Sam Morley Jones with Hathaway Harrier of Rushbrigg
Andrew Wright with Overtharts Berwick