2017/04/23 – Novice and Open AV Spaniel Working Test

at Cavenham/Lackford Estates
by kind permission of Robert Gough and Wayne Alford
Judges: Panel Judge TBC, Paul Seaman (NP)

Novice Results

1stBonniemore Eddie of HighseasKevin Doughty
2ndShiveck Moonlight PrincessDave Cobb
3rdDeepfleet DaubentonAnita Johnson
4thTippasheath SapphirePaul Rogers
CoMThistle Meadow RueRichard Smith
CoMJulzcrackers HazelCatherine Neale

Open Results

1stBonnimore Eddie of HighseasKevin Doughty
2ndStickhouse SorcererSharon Page
3rdCentrewalk Wisp of ValleykeeperCamilla Ewart
4thBorowood SoxRichard Buyan
CoMMagicians GambitJulia Reed
CoMThistle Meadow RueRichard Smith
CoMTiptopjack Bucksfizz at GagglebrookDave Gosling

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