Yesterday UGS S,WS&H Branch held our AA Qualifier Trial at Castle Goring, West Sussex. We had a full card, the weather was ideal for shooting, overcast and a chilly breeze. 

16 dogs started and 5 finished with the ultimate drive over the lakes. All dogs were really tested over the day picking on grass, out of woods and over water. Heavy drives knocked out two or three on the first drive, but as the day went on the best dogs shone. 

Many thanks to the Somerset family for allowing us to hold our trial there, the judges: Jamie Bettinson, Roger Wade, Julia Smith and Alistair House. You all did a super job.

Thanks also to our sponsors, Skinners Dog food, George Barclay Dog Beds and Nash drying coats. 

My amazing team of helpers: Laura, Tracy, Alice, Faye, Ian and Pat and my mum and Bren van Laun Lesley, Anna, Pat, John, Matt, Jane, Andy and Kim. Couldn’t do this job without you all, your help and support is second to none! Also many thanks to Rosemary Saddler for her photography during the day.

1st – Elmertown if I may – Keith Townsend and guns choice 
2nd – Isleofman Gorse of Wylanbriar – Di Stevens
3rd – Ticefield Dazed and Confused- Reuben Corbett 
4th – Packmores Pintail- Barry Harvey
C of M – Ticefield Ramble on to Elmertown – Angie Townsend
Keith and Reuben have already qualified for the area finals, so congratulations to Di, Barry and Angie for also qualifying for the area finals in December.

– Mell Brooks