Training with Jamie & Mark Bettinson

Sunday 18 July 2021 at Rickneys Dog Training Ground in Bengeo

8 handlers per group

10.00 am – 12.30 pm 2 Novice groups

13.30 pm – 16.00 pm 2 Open groups

£30 per session

Enquiries and entries to:

07724 186 955

Directions to the ground: Nearby postcode SG14 3LP

The entries will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

2020/01/18 – 16 Dog Novice Stake for AV Retrievers

16 Dog Novice Stake for AV Retrievers on the 18th January 2020 at Camfield Place, Hatfield, Hertfordshire by kind permission of the Camfield Estate Company

Judges: Henrik Vilendal A3077 Rodger Ketley A2815 Peter Childs NP Tracy Flood NP2879

Trophies: Winner – The Earnsfield Teal Memorial Trophy, Second – The Pintallin Cup, Gun’s Choice – The Camfield Cup


1stJobeshill Ngorongo HullabalooFiona Joint
2ndLaborie Aristides of LawnshillsAlistair House
3rdWillowmount Dawn Express of BirdsgreenSara Gadd
4thWillowrise Star SpinnerPaul Wheeler
CoMMaighmor Solitaire of BluecreekNoah Parsons
CoMOlivestone Lady MarmeladeKaren Pinker
CoMOverthawrts BiltonKeith Foster
CoM and Guns’ ChoiceBellspaddle Boris of ToftsGlynis Hillier

2019/10/14 – 16 Dog AV Novice Stake for AV Retrievers

16 Dog AV Novice Stake for AV Retrievers on the 14th October 2019 at Ampton, Great Livermere by kind permission of Mr Peter Rushbrook

Judges: Kevin Doughty A0032 GAry Vidler B2722 Paul Wheeler NP3904 Julia Reed NP3557

Winner – The Jason Memorial Trophy
Second – The Geoff Hicks Memorial Trophy
Gun’s Choice – The Raynton Park Trophy


1st and Guns ChoiceHighshot Zodiac of FindpointTerry Prentice
2ndLaggengill Glen Tilt at SaxthorpePeter Hurst
3rdBromleywood Cinnamon of NorthglenGemma Hendley
CoMJobeshill HendricksGeraldine Thompson