UGS HBB held our Open Qualifier on Sunday 20th March 2022 at Cuffley by kind permission of Mr Dave Thomas.

Judges: John Stubbs (A0134), Colin Pelham (A2681), Tim Brain (A3226) and Josephine van der Dussen.

We were very kindly sponsored by Skinner’s Field and Trial and Sporting Saint.

A big thank you to the landowner, judges and helpers for all your hard work and for a great day.

1st – Jim Collins with FtCH Brockaghs Forba
2nd – Sharon Dingle with Bellspaddle Hillbilly
3rd – Sharon Dingle with Bellspaddle Roscoe
4th – Lesley Crompton with Hanwoodgold Breeze
COM – Stewart North with Northglen Crumble