UGS AV Retriever 24 Dog Two Day Open Qualifying Stake (180)

To be held at Ampton Estate, Livermere Hall, Great Livermere, Suffolk by kind permission of Mr Peter Rushbrook

Sponsored by “Skinner’s Dog Food” and “Dog and Field

Judges: Kevin Doughty (A32), Richard Beckerleg (A2812), Mike Skipper (B1917), Sam Morley-Riches (B3104)

The Manymills Salver and President’s Trophy to the winner
Skinner’s Trophy to the Best Marking Dog
UGS (K&ES) Shield for the Guns’ Choice
Meadowville up for the Best Looking Retriever in the Awards
Hoopwick Trophy for the Dog Taking the Best Runner
The Berry Trophy for the Best Retrieve of the Day
Skinner’s and Dog and Field Vouchers

Entries Close: 20 September 2021

Download 2 Day Open Schedule

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The event is finished.


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