The results of the Special Puppy, Novice and Veteran Gundog Working Test held at Town House Farm, Hadleigh on Saturday 13th May by kind permission of Cliff and Julie Clackson.

Special Puppy
1st Blaze Beck Aurora, S Harris
2nd Primrose Girl Shine, P Buckenham
3rd Pinfeathers Frodo, Nick Barker
4th Astraglen Frazir, G Silvey
CoM Reine De Hatines, A England

1st Hullabaloo Thunder, Vince Thorby (also Best Looking Dog in the Awards winner)
2nd Bakers Lad Robin, Linda Gray
3rd Saxthorpe Lady, Peter Hurst
4th Naught Land Popcorn, Andy Ince
CoM Kentwone Opal Luster, Arthur Cook
CoM Arminghall Teal, S Wells

1st Pandapaws Arron Star, Sarah Bond
2nd Brockaghs Fianait, Mike Lawrence