16 Dog Open Qualifying AV (exc Cockers) Spaniel Stake on 10th December 2018 at Fallow Hall, St Oysth, Essex by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Edwand Greig

Judges: Nick Gregory (A3007), Aubrey Ladyman (B2775)

We held our first trial of the season on 10th December 2018 an Open qualifying AV (exc. Cockers) Stake at Fallow Hall bkpo of Rose and Eddie Greig, shot extremely well by Wayne Greig, David Standing, Gerry Meehan and Richard Bunyan. Judged very ably by Nick Gregory and Aubrey Ladyman. We were very kindly sponsored by Nossewej and Dog & Field. All finished by 12.30, which was lovely, all dogs had a good chance to shine, Pheasant, Woodcock and one lone Partridge were shot. We are always made very welcome by Rose and Eddie, Rose making tea and coffee for everyone at the start and finish of the trial.


1stFTCH Willowsaul JokerAndy Waterhouse
2ndCornermarsh Har Gill LassLee Cooper
3rdAutumnwillow Andrina of JulzcrackersJulie Cracknell
4thEdwardiana RiotLinden Jones
CoMNossewej Lost my MarblesSteve Newman


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