Open Qualifying Working Test on the 4th April 2015 at Standon Lordship, Hertfordshire by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Philip Smith and Mr Geoffrey Pearman

Judges: Keith Bedford, Richard Beckerleg and Glynis Hillier

A stiff breeze punctuated an overcast sky throughout the day as by kind permission of Phillip Smith and Geoffrey Pearman the UGS HBB held their Open Working Test Qualifier at Standon Lordship, Hertfordshire.
32 dogs competed in 6 tests designed by Working Test Secretary Jacqui Crew to get the very best performances from the competitors. Long distance marks and blinds, one including a fence to jump, a walk up with a difference and a very tricky retrieve over water were judged by Glynis Hillier, Keith Bedford and Richard Beckerleg.
The resulting Judges marks caused a run off to establish some places, but the winner was clear.

1stArdexis Tom of CopperwheatKen Byron
2ndOverthwarts BerwickAndrew Wright
3rdFaircotelabs MossMark Polley
4thMerryway MaximumHelen Burnie
CoMLiz Ingram
CoMMary-Jane Opie


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