at Centuries Shoot, Little Cornard, Sudbury, Suffolk
by kind permission of Mr Mark Smith
Judges: Peter Avery, Brian Sadler, Rob Allum and Dave Lloyd

The judges saw 16 dogs, all Springers this time, some went quickly by the wayside, but in the end had a clear winner with no need for a run-off.
The Guns, Nigel Reed, David Standing, JohnKeegan and James Luxford shooting extraordinarily well only missing one or two birds all morning.

1stHillfighter Rattlesnake
Gun’s Choice
Guy Stubbings
2ndSliabh Sunset of CrispicoRicky Mackintosh
3rdSliabh Aine of CarnteelDave Templar
4thJadenmoss RubyJonathan Nightingale
CoMSurefly EleanorMick Reader
CoMMerovigian MistletoePaul de Challan


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