16 Dog Novice Cocker Spaniel Stake on 2nd January 2017 at Hargham Estate Shoot, Attleborough, Norfolk by kind permission of Mr Graham Tweed

Judges: Martin Deacon (A2242), Julie Cracknell (B3034), Owen Russell (NP), Stewart North (NP)

The Society were very pleased to be invited to this prestigious Shoot by Kronch and Graham and Tina Tweed. The Headkeeper Jonathan Sharman put on a fabulous trial with a constant game supply in beautiful bracken woodland, his team of Guns shot extremely well over a field of very good novice Cockers. The Judges for the day were Martin Deacon, Julie Cracknell, Owen Russell and Stewart North, they were in complete agreement and came up with a clear winner with no need for a run-off.

Soup, tea & cake were available for all which was very welcome on a cold, drizzly day, Tina working very hard in the kitchen!! Thank you to Kronch and Sporting Saint for their sponsorship and to the Judges, Guns, Stewards, Game Carriers, Jonathan the Keeper and his stops and specially to Graham for his continued support.


1stMurrayeden MajesticKelly Ward (handler Andy Skinner)
2ndZemyendor NutmegRod Chapple
3rdMoelfamau Shea of JacksheaLinda Hudson
4thSpring Heather LadyAndy Creed
CoMPixiefen Donella ShayleeMark Hisgrove


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