16 Dog Novice AV Spaniel Stake on 22nd January 2018 at Shotesham Park, Shotesham St Mary, Norfolk by kind permission of Bailey family and Headkeeper Mr Mark Watson

Judges: Mark Clifford (A2423), Andy Waterhouse (B3543), Lesley Young (NP), Alex Hayes (NP)

The Utility Gundog Society Spaniels held a 16 dog Novice AV Spaniel Stake at Shotesham Park, Nr Norwich on 22nd January 2018 by very kind permission of the Bailey family. Judged by Mark Clifford, Andy Waterhouse, Alex Hayes and Lesley Young. 14 springers and 2 cockers competed in bramble and water meadow on this beautiful Estate in Norfolk. We were delighted to be invited to this ground, the first time a Spaniel Trial has been held here. Guns, Nigel Reed, Phil Askew, Richard Beckerleg and Brian Chesser (shooting his first Spaniel Trial) shot extremely well to produce Pheasant, Hare, Rabbit, Partridge and Pigeon for, what was, a very good field of novice dogs. The Head Keeper Mark Watson, Under Keeper William Beckerleg and his team of beaters and stops worked really hard to keep the game flowing, they did an amazing job. It was a pleasure to have Ed Bailey in the line all morning watching the dogs, he now knows what his Keeper does in his spare time!!!

Thank you to all that helped too, without those who give up their time to come along and game carry, steward etc where would Club’s be?? Thank you to Sporting Saint and Kronch for their continued sponsorship. The biggest pat on the back must go to Mark Watson, thank you for all your hard work in making this a truly fabulous trial.

This is the last UGS Spaniel Trial of the season and I must say to all my Estate/Shoot owners that they have been amazing. We have had 5 great trials on the most extraordinary grounds, 3 of which were new to the Society this season. There has been some great dog work and some not so… The Guns have been brilliant giving up their time and paying to shoot for the dogs!! The Judges have all been fair and helpful and the band of helpers that I have had this year have made my life very much easier. It’s mostly a thankless task being a Field Trial Secretary, but this year has been great and I have enjoyed every trial.


1stBeechesblaze PapinaMark Light
2ndPriorheath Boss Hogg
Gun’s Choice
Jason Croft
3rdQuarrymoor SkybreezeRod Chapple
4thGeordieland TsarJohn Keegan
CoMBonniemore FloraBonny Sadler
CoMSurefly EleanorMike Reader
CoMLaysan Han SoloOwen Russell


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