All Age AV Retrievers 16 Dog Stake (172) on the 4th October 2019 at Ampton Estate, Livermere Hall, Gt Livermere by kind permission of Peter Rushbrook

Judges: Glynis Hillier A2280, Mike Skipper B1918, Andy Mutimer 3733, Paula Cullis 2704

Trophies: The Posterngate Trophy for the winner
The Southernwood Trophy for the runner up
The Sam Taylor Trophy for the Best Dog of The Opposite Sex


1stIsle of Mann FonarikJames Bailey
2ndBroadlaw Quigley of OysterbedGary Vidler
3rdHanans KertisJacqui Crew
4thBrindlebay BrigandsMike Tallamy
CoMBrindlebay AleDavid Wall
Best dog/bitch of opposite sex to the winner
Angeni Chorus at KayteensKeith Bedford


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