16 Dog Open Qualifying AV (Except Cocker) Spaniel Stake on Monday 9th December 2019 at Fallow Hall, St Oysth, Essex by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Edward Greig

Judges: John Bailey A1938, Neale Satchwell B3270

We held our Open AV (exc Cockers) 9th December at Fallow Hall, St Osyth bkpo of Edward and Rose Greig. Shot extremely well by Wayne Greig, Russell Gooding, Richard Bunyan and John Keegan. Judges Jon Bailey and Neale Satchwell travelled a long way to come and judge this stake for us, I have been trying to get them both for some years. The birds were a bit slow to come initially but once we got past the barn there was a steady stream of pheasants…there were a few woodcock but they evaded the guns as there was a very strong wind all day. Some lovely dogs to watch today, I was actually in line for the day, whereas normally I have to carry the red flag (thanks to Gill Holliday I had a day off), some really good retrieving today, of special note was Steve Newman’s retrieve and Bonny Sadler’s 2nd round retrieve. I was pleased to say I got the awards spot on. Thanks to all those that helped today, especially to Rose who made tea and coffee continuously, bless you. And thanks to our sponsors Nossewej and Dog and Field we are most grateful for your support. -Julia


1stFTCH Tregerest LudeyAubrey Ladyman
2ndBonniemore Betty BooBonny Sadler
3rdNossewej Lost my MarblesSteve Newman
4thGartshore VernaDick Hyde
CoMShiveck TimeTwiddlerTerri Siwek
CoMGemraer Don Hades of DeepfleetPeter Avery


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