UGS Eastern Counties held a novice trail at Ampton by kind permission of Peter Rushbrook.

The weather wasn’t that kind with sleet and strong winds which made good shooting for the guns and testing retrieves for handlers to mark and see dogs through thick cover, for a 14 dog novice trail.

The dogs made some fantastic retrieves. We stopped for soup and the lovely cake enjoyed by all, well done Sarah Bond.

Alan Hammond kept the trail running nice has always. Alan decided to take us around kitchen garden after the ducks where the judges called trail over.

Many thanks to the judges Roger Wade, Mark Polley, Paul Wheeler and Kelvin Nettlingham.

1st Adam Snares dog Halorros Milkyway of MeareCastle.
2nd Mick Elseys dog Nathansgreen Duga.
3rd Glynis Hilliers dog Lannakers Yogi Bear of Tofts.
Com Kevin Doughtys dog Highsea Loin.
Com Andrew Wright bitch Wadesmill Rosedsle.
Best retrieve of the day Mike Elsey dog.
Guns Choice Kevin Doughty receiving the Joe Fulcher Memorial Trophy.

I would like to say thank you to the helpers, game carriers, dog steward the guns, Doug Laflin, Jeff Allen Peter Childs, Joseph Fulcher, Peter Fulcher and the young Alfie Wheeler. And thank you to our very generous sponsors Skinner’s Dog food, and Dog & Field