Utility Gundog Society – HBB Branch held their 16 Dog Novice Dog Stake on the 26th October 2023 at The Ampton Estate by kind permission of Mr Peter Rushbrook.

The trial was very kindly judged by Godfrey Lowe, Julia Reed, Craig Jackson  & Josefine van der Dussen.  During the welcome speeches Julia Reed remembered the late Steve Polley, who had originally accepted the invitation to judge today.

The line was expertly run by Richard Dunn from Ampton Estate.    A fabulous team of guns shot at the trial, ably led by John Keegan

This was a walked-Up trial in tall rape.  The dogs and handlers were presented with some tricky retrieves,  the weather also played a hand, with patchy scent and intermittent rain for much of the day.  The judges gave the dogs time to demonstrate their natural ability however, we sadly lost six dogs in the first round.

During the second round we saw some fabulous dog work, which included Hydonsdown Echo who picked a lively runner with style. 

The third and final round started with eight dogs, however a number were lost, many leaving the trial due to the “first dog down” rule.  Eventually just two dogs remained.

A very worthy winner and awarded The Jason Memorial Trophy was Vino De Bacchus Leon Millot, owned and handled by Jan Rossmann.

Second and awarded The Geoff Hicks Memorial Trophy was Garrethall Toddy, owned and handled by Aaron Wright.

Guns choice was Ben Starns who handled Colquite Mary Poppins Of Blackenvoy.

I would like to thank our host, Peter Rushbrook and Team, the judges, the Guns, Keeper Alan Hammond,  the Beaters, Judges Steward: Tammy White, Game Carriers:  Deborah Goodman & Dan Eegan, & the committee of UGS HBB for their support and assistance.

Finally, a thank you to the competitors, in the gallery there was good camaraderie and appreciation of good dog work.

Gill Davies  Retriever FT Sec UGS – HBB