2019/10/16 – 14 Dog Novice Stake for AV Retrievers

14 Dog Novice Stake for AV Retrievers on Wednesday 16th October 2019 at Firle Estate, Nr Lewes, East Sussex by kind invitation of Mr Michael Rees and Mr John Coldman OBE

Judges: Mrs Diana Harrison (A1870) Mr Michael Brown (B2420) Mr Martin Bagg (NP3233) Ms Kate Bollen (NP)

Trophies: Winner – The Theale Challenge Trophy, Second – Hobhearn Challenge Cup, Gun’s Choice – The Selby Memorial Cup


1stTexacali Praline of MeonvalleySarah Miles
2nd and Guns’ ChoiceRoundcopse FloraJames Brindley
3rdAbney AffinityBeth Rayner
CoMHighroost MaverickMick Higgs

2019/09/01 – Puppy & Novice Working Test

Puppy & Novice Working Test on Sunday 1st September 2019 at Popes Oak, West Grindstead, W Sussex by kind permission of Mrs Sheila Chessell

Judges: Chris Marshall, Wendy Harrison, Lindsay Warren & Beth Rayner

Ian Hamilton our WT Secretary welcomed life member Ron Sills who gave out the awards. Ron’s contribution to the branch and to our sport in general is immense and we were delighted that he was well enough to be able to join us.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped make the day a resounding success.

Puppy Results

1stThealefarm Puzzle
awarded the Davis Salver
Nick Morgan
2ndReptonshot MitreSusan Hedge
3rdLovatnoir RavenJacqueline Mason
4thLovehayne DamsonMichelle Gibson
CoMBerryshot FloydSimon Dawson

Novice Results

1stTauriel Lou
awarded the Swallow Cup
Shannon Mann
2ndKirby StarLouise Cunningham
3rdRiverlily Sunny SunshineHarriet Newcome
4thIsle of Man GinVicki Ruston
CoMOakvalley Black LaceMary Jennings

2019/07/07 – Novice Dog/Novice Handler and Special Puppy Working Test

Novice Dog/Novice Handler and Special Puppy Working Test on the 7th July 2019 at Broad Oak Farm, Turners Hill, W Sussex by kind permission of Mr John & Mrs Gill Dawson

Judges: Joy Venturi-Rose, Chris Rose, Keith Townsend & Angie Townsend

Special Puppy Results

1stFlaxenfox ShumbaPaula Harvey
2ndZeus Mars of CackleburyBill Gardiner
3rdCopperbirch Tyrconnell of JathmeaDenise Baker
4thLovatnoir RavenJacquline Mason

Novice Dog/Novice Handler Results

1stTroddenmills FancyAndrew Steggles
2ndWinhocklin BrightSandra Walsh
3rdRoundcopse Fern at BournehurstHelen Livett
4thWarrendown DodgerEmma Phillips
CoMDordonhall Lokka ChasePaige Graysmark
CoMJinkster TopazJudith Charlton
CoMLowforge Lucille of JathmeaDenise Baker
CoMFlaxenfox Strawberry MoonMaxine Burchett
CoMMohunsottery Prince AlfredElaine Fear

2019/05/26 – Intermediate and Veteran Working Test

Intermediate and Veteran Working Test on the 26th May 2019 at Springhead, Amberley, W Sussex by kind permission of Mr Tim Heywood

Judges: Robert Worrall, Hilly Hoar, Tracy Flood & Jo Voke

Intermediate Results

1stLavanthill LucyMike Fleming
2ndLavanthill QuinceMaggie Baker
3rdTamriel LouShannon Mann
4thMitforton NimrodDi Paterson
CoMAshoaks SpindleFelicity Green
CoMFryernshot Nimrod of CopsehollowPru Perkins

Veteran Results

1stWoodlandway GrouseDi Paterson
2ndAshoaks Silent WingsFelicity Green
3rdBurntcoombe BuffyFiona Milne
4thBedgebrook Shamrock at Wylanbriar?
CoMWoodruff SpellLindsay Warren

2019/03/17 – Open Working Test

Open Working Test on the Sunday 17th March 2019 at Theale Farm, Slinfold, W Sussex by kind permission of David and Gay Marshall

Judges: Diana Harrison, Gilly Nickols, Alistair House & Kate Bollen


1stAbney AffinityBeth Rayner
2ndMitforton NachoLouie Robertson
3rdTullysedge My Belle NellSue Jordan
4thHanans KertisJacqui Crew
CoMWoodlandway QuailBeth Rayner
CoMMitforton Orchid at KirbyhallHilly Hoar
CoMAutumnwillow HalleOlu Jenzen
CoMGarretthall RoublePaula Harvey

2018/09/02 – Puppy & Novice Working Test

Puppy & Novice Working Test on the 2nd September 2018 at Popes Oak, West Grindstead by kind permission of Mrs Sheila Chessell

Judges: Ben Starns, Julia Smith, Tracey Flood, Dan Higgs

Puppy Results

1stMuscatelle Calypso – Lab Bitch
awarded the Davis Salver
Charlotte Hammick
2ndBerryshot Duke of Meonmead – Lab DogDavid Houghton
3rdRoundcopse Flora – Lab BitchJames Brindley

Novice Results

1stCrowsmoor Tesh – Lab Dog
awarded the Swallow Cup
James May
2ndMitforton Osier – Lab DogKim van den Bogaerde
3rdRevel Rouser – Lab BitchPeter Gander
4thWillowyck Brigadier of Longcopse – Lab dogIam Hamilton
CoMDark Blackthorn Lilly – Lab BitchJenny Phillips
CoMLavanthill Quince – Lab DogMaggie Baker
CoMKeatingswood Fern – Lab BitchChristine Baldwin