2 Day AV Retriever Open Qualifying 24 Dog Stake on the 16th and 17th October 2018 at Neville Holt, Great Easton, Leicestershire by kind permission of Mr David Ross

Judges: Phil Garton A2178, Henric Vilendal A3077, Ron Gent B2265, Brian Barker B2456

The Manymills Salver and President’s Trophy for the Winner
Skinners Trophy for the Best Marking Retriever
UGS (K&E Sussex) Shield for Guns’ Choice
Meadowmill Cup for the Best Looking Retriever in the Awards
Hoopwick Trophy for the Dog taking the Best Runner
The Berry Trophy for the Best Retrieve of the Day


1stFTCh Castlemans Gobi of GarronpointAnnette Clarke
2ndKenine Pacifica of AshlevelKieth Bianchi
3rdBirdsgreen Conspiracy of HighroostRodger Ketley
4thBirdsgreen Thembi of SpurgateBrian Chesser
CoMFTCh Fenhart Opal of BaronsbridgeShamanthi Shankar
CoMFTCh Kestrelway FreddieNorman Onens
Guns ChoiceCastlemans Gobi of Garronpoint


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