at Cavenham, Suffolk
by kind permission of Mr Robert Gough and Mr Wayne Alford

Judges: Julie Cracknell and Dr Lesley Young

The forecast earlier in the week didn’t look good, fortunately it changed and the rain stopped at 8am giving us a cool, cloudy day, perfect for Spaniels. The ground here is great for Spaniels, a bracken bottomed wood.
Both Tests were marked as a Field Trial, which meant that the Judges could give advice to Handlers if the dog was put ‘out’. This proved very useful to a few competitors that are very new to the sport, they went away with some helpful tips.
We had fifteen dogs running in the Novice, with some very nice dogs amongst them. It was lovely to see some trialers at the Test, there was also some good advice from the gallery. There was a clear winner with no run off required.
Fourteen dogs competed in the Open, again there were some really nice dogs. A run off for first place between ‘Margravine Liselle’ and ‘Rosebay Kanute’ was required with ‘Rosebay Kanute’ taking first place.

Novice Result

1stWrenmarsh TycoonMark Watson
2ndStourmere Spring TealMark Stephens
3rdRosebay KanuteLee Love
4thDeepfleet Decius of AbbeyoaksWendy Knight

Open Result

1stRosebay KanuteLee Love
2ndMargravine LiselleJulia Reed
3rdBorowood SoxRichard Bunyan
4thQuarrymoor CurlewNicky Gudgin
CoMDelalodge AndromedaWendy Knight
CoMWrenmarsh TycoonMark Watson


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