16 Dog All Age Stake for AV Retrievers on the 10th September 2016 at Black Notley Hall, Black Notley, Essex by kind permission of Peter Cole and the Black Notley Syndicate

Judges: Andrew Wright (A2617), Len Herbert (B1875), Dough Laflin and Julia Reed

Trophies: The Posterngate Trophy for the winner, The Southernwood Trophy for the runner up, The Sam Taylor Trophy for the Best Dog of The Opposite Sex and The Saham Perpetual Trophy for the Best Marking Dog.


1stHitowngreen EbonyVerity Easey
2ndFTCh Garrethall QuillMike Tallamy
3rdLockthorn Zorrow of HighseasKevin Doughty
4thHitowngreen Diamond Joe of FindpointTerry Prentice


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