16 Dog Open Qualifying Cocker Spaniel Stake on 6th December 2017 at Fallow Hall, St Oysth, Essex by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Edward Greig

Judges: Guy Stubbings (A2805), Alan Hopkins-Young (B3297)

The Utility Gundog Society Spaniel Section held it’s Open Cocker Stake at Fallow Hall, St Oysth by very kind permission of Eddie and Rose Greig, the Judges for the day were Guy Stubbings and Alan Hopkins-Young.

It was a bit of a struggle to fill the card again as with most “Cocker” only stakes and we had to pull in 3 novice dogs, all of which acquitted themselves very well against the Open dogs. The cover is tough at Fallow Hall and these little Spaniels had to work hard, there was a good supply of game and the guns shot well to produce Woodcock, Pheasant and Partridge.

A big thank you to my helpers, Rose & Eddie, the Guns and the Judges and all those that stood at stops and pushed in the wood before we got there, we couldn’t do without you.


1stWindwithe Winter NightNick Gregory
2ndSamsirs Union JackAndy Waterhouse
3rdTimsgarry JynxAlex Hayes
4thSpiritedawn MidnightJonathan Nightingale
CoMTiptopjack AtlasMike Chamberlain
CoMGeorgieland DiazJohn Keegan
CoMHowskye BertieRon Henry
CoMCrowdyslack Slinky of CostapakitAndy Waterhouse
(Owner Janet Righton)


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