16 Dog Novice AV Spaniel Stake 21st January 2019 at Shotesham Park, Shotesham St Mary, Norfolk by kind permission of the Bailey family and Headkeeper Mr Mark Watson

Judges: Peter Avery (A2404) Brian Sadler (B3028) Ray Clark (NP3842) Steve Newman (NP3771)

The first of the Utility Gundog Soceity’s 2 novice trials the AV held yesterday at Shotesham Park, Nr Norwich bkpo of the Bailey family and headkeeper Mark Watson. Judges for the day, Peter Avery, Bonny Sadler, Ray Clark and Steve Newman. 15 dogs ran in this stake, 3 Cockers, 11 Springers and a Clumber. Again we were generously sponsored by Nossewej and Dog and Field.

It is fair to say that the Woodland at Shotesham is testing in places, but mostly it is light bramble with some reeds and rushes near the river. There were plenty of Pheasants about but unusually they were flushing in twos and threes rather than singularly and surprisingly we only saw a couple of Woodcock, whereas two weeks ago when I was beating we saw a dozen or more…. The Judges gave every dog the chance to shine and there were some very nice dogs run by some serious trailers. Speaking to Peter and Bonny afterwards they said they really had to nit pick amongst the first 4 dogs to come up with a winner.

Thanks to all that helped out, carried game, stops, beaters, Keeper Mark, under Keeper William Beckerleg, Mark Doyle, Peter Dobby and his lovely Golden Retriever who picked up for us. The Judges and Guns: Nigel Reed, David Standing, Brian Chesser, and Phil Askew.


1stBelvden TrottMark Clifford
2ndWhiznic Waterwynch of HowskyeJames Luxford
3rdStickhouse MaverickOwen Russell
4thShiveck Time TwiddlerTerri Siwek
CoMBelvden Hinch of JulzcrackersJulie Cracknell
CoMRomanriver ApolloAndy Waterhouse
CoMBrindcarlyn BoldowinMike Reader


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