16 Dog Open Qualifying Cocker Spaniel Stake on Wednesday 11th December 2019 at Cuffley Shoot, Hertfordshire by kind permission of the Dave Thomas

Judges: Gerry Meehan A3309, James Luxford B3440

Open Cocker stake held on 11th December at Brook Farm, Cuffley bkpo of Dave Thomas and his two new Keepers. Judged by Gerry Meeghan and James Luxford. John Keegan very kindly ran the day for me and arranged the guns, helpers etc, so a huge thank you to him (practice for when he takes over at the end of this season, hope it hasn’t changed his mind!!!) Well done to all in the awards, heard it was a great trial… Thanks to all the helpers, judges, guns and our sponsors Dog & Field and Nossewej for their continued support.
Thank you again to John Keegan it was nice not to have to cope with the M25! -Julia


1st & Guns’ ChoiceWhaupley KaisaJeremy Organ
2ndZamyendor MinniWayne Greig
3rdCentrewalk Speckled Wood of SureflyTerri Siwek
4thHowesky CravenJim Thompson
CoMTimsgarry AlpineJohn Robertson


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